10-XL Partition – Extra Legroom

Maximum clearance – Entry and exit. Recessed Panel design with Extra Legroom.

Product Description

Maximum clearance – Entry and exit. Recessed Panel design with Extra Legroom. Our Unique Suspended Mounting System anchors securely to the vehicle’s B-Pillar, eliminating the need for floor mounting brackets or the passenger side lower framework leg. Providing rear passenger Xtra Legroom and No Foot Obstructions. Unique Open Contoured Design makes prisoner loading and unloading easy.


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WCI has serviced the public safety market for over 20 years. Initially, WCI focused on the provision of excellence in two way radio sales, service and installation. WCI expanded our product and service offering through the addition of various product lines linked to the Public Safety Sector.

WCI is the authorized dealer for many well respected manufacturers including but not limited to: Harris, Kenwood, EFJohnson, Relm, Kustom Signals, Havis and Federal Signal.
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