Cell phones are a great option for everyday communication, as well as for on-the-job communication in certain industries. However, for those who work in industries such as healthcare, public safety, manufacturing, first response and transportation, staying connected with two-way radios has several advantages. At Whyte Communications Inc., we specialize in the supply, installation and repair of two-way radio systems in Edmonton and throughout Alberta and Western Canada. We also offer two-way radio rental programs.

Here are the top reasons why our clients choose two-way radios over cell phones:

1. Two-way radios will withstand rougher work environments

Cell phones are consumer-grade devices not intended for the rigours of the industrial workplace. Their screens break easily when dropped, and they can malfunction when exposed to too much moisture or heat. Two-way radios, on the other hand, are far more durable; they are built to withstand minor falls and harsher environments.

2. You can count on two-way radios for improved coverage & reception

Clear communication is an absolute necessity in emergency situations or on job sites where workers must be available for contact at all times. Cell phones, unfortunately, are not always reliable. They are susceptible to dead zones, dropped calls and areas of poor reception. With two-way radios, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Two-way radios provide constant connection and reception you can rely on.

3. Your two-way radio’s battery will last throughout the workday

Cell phone batteries are notorious for not lasting long, especially with heavy use. In high-use environments at work sites, two-way radios are the best solution. They hold a charge for a significantly longer amount of time, so they are always ready to go throughout the work day.

4. Two-way radios make communicating with your team easy

While you can call multiple people at once on a cell phone, the process is tedious and time-consuming. A two-way radio, on the other hand, allows you to communicate with the entire team at the push of a button. There’s just no better way to distribute important information to everyone at once.

5. A two-way radio system will save you money

Cell phones carry significant up-front costs and high reoccurring monthly bill payments, whereas two-way radios are available for a fraction of the cost (rentals are available, too). This allows you to enjoy all of the benefits described above, while actually saving on your monthly expenses. It’s a win-win.

6. Two-way radios provide access to Alberta’s AFRRCS network

Created in 2016, the Alberta First Responders Radio Communications System (AFRRCS) is used by first and secondary responders to coordinate joint responses to emergency situations. The province-wide network operates across a system of two-way radios. While involvement in AFRRCS is voluntary, public safety agencies are highly encouraged to connect to it using AFRRCS permitted equipment.

7. Two-way radio rentals are often more practical

For many industries, two-way radios are simply the more practical option. Whyte Communications Inc. strives to make them even more practical with affordable rental programs for individual and large quantities of radios, all set to your exact specifications. Read why more agencies are choosing to rent their two-radio communications systems, here.

We are a supplier of AFRRCS equipment in Alberta, and we also provide ongoing technical support to AFRRCS Dispatch Centers. To find out more about our two-way radios, and our rental programs for two-way radios, please contact Whyte Communications Inc. today.